Globalization: beginning of a new stage

The globalization is an objective process, because of biological unity of humanity, settled in most places on Earth. Its essence is construction of a certain culture, in which in the future the whole of mankind will unite.

“About the current moment” №2(109), March 2013

Globalization: beginning of a new stage

This note complements contents of the work of IP USSR (Internal Predictor of USSR) 1998-1999 «Sad heritage of Atlantis. Trotskyism is “yesterday”, but in no way - “tomorrow”»[1], which is suggested for reading before the current note.


The essence briefly


The globalization is an objective process, because of biological unity of humanity, settled in most places on Earth. Its essence is construction of a certain culture, in which in the future the whole of mankind will unite. Currently the globalization has stepped into a new stage. This stage differs from the previous one.


The previous stage of globalization had the following features:

●        In the past the globalization was going on without realization of it by the overwhelming majority of the planet's population.

●       But because the culture is not  programmed  in a unique way genetically, but is variative, then the choice of aims of the globalization (i.e. image of a culture, which should be constructed in the process) and the ways of their achievement are very consciously subjective. Because of this, objectively it is possible to have various, even mutually exclusive, embodiments of the globalization - in its aims, as well as in the ways and means of their achievement. Because of such combinations of objective and subjective factors, during at least the last three thousand years the globalization has been developing not «socially-spontaneously», but was controlled from inside of the society itself. First it was done by the global politics specialists, who lived in the ancient Babylon, then the control over it was taken over by the hierarchy of Egyptian witch-doctors.

●       After the creation of the biblical project of the enslavement of mankind on behalf of God by the Egyptian globalization specialists, their conception of control over globalization dominated uncontested for nearly 3 millennia. The owners of this conception have conserved the monopoly over the global policy at their will, within God’s degree of allowance[2].

●       Since God also took part (as always) in the making of global policy, then after the biblical conception of purchasing the world together with its population, based on the Jewish monopoly on usury, became the dominant global policy, the rulers of the biblical project have wasted time having been pressured twice by the necessity to react on Revelations sent from Above: first to Christ and then to prophet Muhammad. As a consequence, the biblical project of implementation of the globalization:

○       was not finished within the period of correlation of frequencies of biological and social times[3], when the biblical conception was more or less functional, since that period of human history featured total stability of technosphere during the lifespan of several generations, which provided mass thoughtlessness and apoliticality of people, mostly busy with their domestic chores, and allowed crowd-”elitism” to be stable in the succession of generations;

○       moreover, under the power of dictature of usury and individualism cult, development of technosphere surpassed moral-ethical and intellectual-cultural development, as a consequence of which the biblical project created a global biosphere-ecological crisis, capable of destroying mankind even without another world war with use of any kind of «super weapon»: the humanity may perish in the process of degradation of biosphere and its own biological degeneration, or because of a technospherical catastrophe, which may surpass the consequences of Chernobyl, Fukushima or the Gulf of Mexico oil spill (2010);

○       solving these problems and completing the globalization, on the basis of replacement of the outside shell  of pseudo-religious culture of the biblical project by the impudently atheistic version of marxism in all possible modifications in the period from the middle of XIX century to the middle of XX century with a world pseudo-socialist revolution - failed: first prevented by V.I. Ulyanov (Lenin)[4], then - I.V. J̌uḡašvili (Stalin)[5] and F.D. Roosevelt[6], who (among other things), in the course of the second world war of XX century, have started to develop trends, aimed for USSR to overcome marxism, and for the US to overcome bourgeois-liberalism; which, for the people of both superpowers, would open an opportunity to acquire conceptual power, allowing to come out from under the power of bosses of biblical project and to build a society of truly free people[7].

●       Thus, the preceding stage of the globalization has finished with a crisis of governance[8], the reason for which is conceptual: discrepancy of algorithms of the biblical project’s globalization to the development of potential of mankind and the circumstances of mankind’s life, which were mostly formed by the people themselves.

The new stage of globalization is characterized by the following features, distinguishing it from the preceding period:

●       The globalization is recognized as an objectively present process by «political elites» and «science community» in all countries in the world; it is also recognized by the representatives of various social groups of «commoners», also in most countries, because it affects lives of every state and every person.

●       However, common to all crowd-”elitist” cultures is unawareness of the full control function[9] and diversity of ways of implementing it in practice of culturally peculiar societies, whereupon:

○       notions in all the crowd-”elitist” cultures about state sovereignty, in all its aspects, and interrelation of state and society - are vague and largely inadequate;

○       conceptual power[10] as a social phenomenon is unknown;

○       supranational control, realizable mainly by the method of «cultural cooperation» (structureless control method and governance based on virtual structures)[11], for those managerially illiterate appears to be non-existent;

○       because of all of the above, Globalization as well appears to them as a process, control of which from inside of mankind, in principle, is impossible[12].      

●       As a consequence of managerial illiteracy, various «think tanks» and social groups in crowd-«elitist» cultures of all world countries perceive the tools of biblical project implementation as the origin of the globalization in its historical state. These tools do not hold any conceptual power, and of course, are not the generator of the globalization process. Some of such tools are:

○       the US as a whole and their social institutes - the State Department, the Federal Reserve, the RAND Corporation, the CIA, Harvard University and some other «think tanks»[13];

○       The United Kingdom - the royal family and, grouping around it, freemasons and their periphery, and also the intelligence service (Mi5) of the UK[14];

○       Jews in general, “world rabbinate” and Rothschilds, in particular;[15]

○       Vatican and enclosed on it orders and structures of clans old European aristocracy;

○       Internationals (Soc-Intern - transformation of capitalism into pseudo-socialism by the way of reforms, 4th Socialist International - marxist-revolutionary, Trotskyite - transition to pseudo-socialism by the way of revolution and establishment of a “dictatorship of the proletariat”), which mass media seldom mention[16].

●       Professional political analysts, being unaware of the biblical project’s conception of control, prefer to maintain and replenish the “register” of politically active clans and groups, and analyse their deeds similarly to chess games analytics. Aims of such analysts are to find allies for customers of their research and to implement their own political ambitions. The circumstance that every known clan operates under the authority of one or the other crowd-”elitist” conception (or its specific version), expressed in a certain ideology, does not fit into the worldview of such analysts. Hence the analysis of conceptions as objective phenomena, mostly “living” on their own (“living their own life”), and determining the face of the globalization, is not of interest to such analysts.

●       Hostility of the rest of the world towards policies, lying in the mainstream of the biblical project of globalization (foreign policy of the US and European countries, and prevalent transnational social institutions in them), - became a factor, under the influence of which a number of states have started to set themselves a twofold task:

○       to defend own historically-cultural heritage, national peculiarity, and potential of distinctive development, from elimination in the course of biblical globalization;

○       to suggest to the rest of the world as universal values their own “values”, i.e. ideals, typical and precious to their regional civilizations from ancient times.

●       Because of this the started stage of globalization is characterised not only by the crisis of governance of the biblical conception, but also by the creation of globalization projects by different cultures. These projects are alternative to the biblical one[17], and correspond to the official statements on that matter. In relation to the biblical culture these alternative globalization projects are “non-systemic factors” and cannot be understood appropriately based on the beliefs formed by the biblical culture in all its confessions and secular branches[18].

●       The next question is when exactly did the current stage of globalization start? - The answer to it is ambiguous due to those social parameters, changes in which are chosen by people based on their subjective differentiation of stage borderlines.

If correlating with different parameters, there are different versions of the answer to the question. The new stage has begun:

○       with the allegorical statement of bolshevism about its status as a global political power in 1907[19], but since bolshevism in that period had been using the marxist conceptual apparatus, that frontier for many was unnoticeable (like unnoticeable was the difference between bolshevism, marxism and trotskyism - such is the power of prejudices-stereotypes, formed under the influence of biblical culture on a person...);

○       with acquisition by bolshevism of its own conceptual apparatus in 1991 in the Conception of Public Security (CPS), however this frontier for many does not exist either, because CPS is spread in the society by personal initiative and does not appear in the officialdom of state politics of Russian Federation. Hence many “supporters-evaluators” of CPS and of work of IP USSR are concerned with a futile question: “20 years has passed: where are the results of the impact of COB on life of the society?”;

○       with publication in 2006 of the document “The Frontier Within: Japan's Goals in the 21st Century”[20], in which outlined are views of Japan’s political officialdom on achievement of the dominant position in control of the globalization in 21st century, although so far it is more of a “declaration of intent” and not a finished globalization project the Japanese-way.

○       with a number of mutually complementing each other publications in the press of the PRC (People’s Republic of China) from the start of 2013 of suggestions of “chinese values” to the rest of the world as universal[21]; and of return of the foreign policy of PRC to the principle of marxism’s “internationalism”[22].

●       I.e. if de-facto the current globalization stage has begun with bolshevism stating its status as a global political power in 1907, then de-jure it has begun with the official PRC statements in January 2013 about the presence of the Chinese globalization project based on the principles of marxism and socialism with chinese specifics and bringing it into action.

●       Main components of the spectrum of globalization conception today. Respectively to historically established circumstances to date, the following globalization projects are present and active:

The biblical project of enslavement of mankind on behalf of God exists in several versions:

○       bourgeois-liberalism, which, due to the declaration of the principle of religious toleration, oversees all traditional so called “Abrahamic” religions (“judaism”, “christianity”, including “orthodoxy”, “islam” - in all their branches, not inclined to revolutionary transformation of the world);

○       marxist pseudo-socialist, revolutionary-terroristic, intrigantish, where the keepers of traditions are the followers of L.D. Bronstein (Trotsky);

○       Convergence theory, presupposing the retention of crowd-”elitism” in forms incorporating personal “freedom” of bourgeois-liberalism and state-planning nature of pseudo-socialistic economy based on marxism, high level of the social security for individuals by restraining the consumption race and solving biosphere-environmental problems with help of the planned economy (adherents of this version are lobbying an evolutionary-reformist transition from what is historically real, to some ideal, which currently is not quite defined in their theories, because “descendants are not dumber than we are and will do everything themselves, according to the specifics of circumstances, unpredictable for us”)[23];    

○       Islamic global caliphate, purpose of which could be dual, depending on circumstances and success in its implementation:

■       either to solve the same problems, that the marxist version could not solve in XIX-XX centuries, but under cover of a different ideology and different rituals of social magic;

■       or to create preconditions for the “de-Islamization of the world” - positioning of Quran as a “global evil” and prohibition of unauthorized access of commoners to its text or translations (similar to what was done with “Mein Kampf”[24] after the second world war): in order for people to be deprived of information necessary for self-assessment of the historic past, and to make them treat those and other events based on ready-to-use opinions, elaborated for them by trusted professional “historians”.

Russian - bolshevist, expressed currently in CPS, presupposing transition of multinational cultures to sobornost[25] and dictatorship of conscience by the way of development of national cultures in the direction, that would ensure achievement of irreversible humane psyche type for every person by the beginning of youth[26];

Chinese - due to its own traditions of crowd-”elitist” nature and commitment of the ruling “elite” to marxism (with a certain “chinese” specific) and atheism of chinese culture throughout known history, is unable to solve problem that chinese call “paradox of yellow threat”[27], because, as the biblical project, its implementation is doomed to be attempted within God's degree of allowance from the very beginning. Actually, China declined in the past from its own globalization project in 15th century (creation of an ocean fleet and an expedition led by the eunuch Zheng He were preconditions for this) and now is making an attempt to correct this error. However, to succeed, the moral and ethical basis of the new globalization project chinese-way must change such, that PRC does not offer chinese crowd-”elitism” to other countries to replace their historically developed crowd-”elitism”.

Japanese - currently in “embryonic period”. It inherited problems from the past, impeding the project’s success:

○       crowd-”elitism” based on the “bonsai” principles, applied not to decorative plants, but to people and the society,

○       idealistic atheism, uniquely nationalistic in its nature of ancient japanese religion Shinto and buddhism, imported into the country from China and bearing specific buddhist crowd-”elitism”.

●       A special role in all of the above play trotskyists due to the fact, that trotskyism is not an ideological movement, but a peculiarity of the individual and collective psyche. Trotskyism, as a mental phenomenon, is claims of a parasitic minority for the power over the society on behalf of the working majority.

            The basis of such claims is a prejudice: “I am the only and irreplaceably wise, therefore my life’s mission is to politically lead the lowbrows, i.e. give them a purpose in life and rule it on their own behalf”. In the majority of cases for the carriers of psyche-trotskyism, this prejudice is self-evident to such an extent, that its justification and disclosure are unnecessary[28]. The mission of “raising themselves to the rank of chief” they offer to those on behalf of whom they want to rule (in this parameter there is no difference between Trotsky and Hitler, but there is a difference between them both and Stalin). In the collective activities, the corporate hierarchy of psyche-trotskyists is built based on mutual assessment and self-assessment of “wisdom” and leadership qualities.

A consequence of that prejudice, practically expressed in politics, is inability to constructively discuss[29] with psyche-trotskyists any kind of issues. Any discussion for them is one of the means of distracting political opponents from the practical activities, capable of impeding the implementation of psyche-trotskyist policy. While discussing:

○       the opponents discuss hoping to convince psyche-trotskyists in their wrongness and to find some mutually acceptable decision, which will be put into practice;

○       psyche-trotskyists act implementing the decision formerly made by them to satisfy their intentions.

As a result, at the end of a discussion imposed by psyche-trotskyists or to which they agreed to enter, the goals of psyche-trotskyists could be met, and their opponents in the discussion would suffer damages[30].

●       Because ideology is one of the tools of social ruling (the third priority of the generalized means of ruling) trotskyism (psyche-trotskyism), understood as a social phenomenon, in politics (following the described above basic prejudice-principle) appears to be ideologically omnivorous[31], however some psyche-trotskyists, personally, could be enslaved by an addiction to any one particular ideology (like Trotsky); others could change ideological covers of their activities as required, ignoring accusations of “the lowbrow population, who do not understand their happiness” of unscrupulousness[32]. This ideological omnivorousness of psyche-trotskyism has vividly expressed itself in lives of many politicians, seemingly remote from trotskyism in ideas and in chronology.

Particularly, project curators of the worldwide Caliphate are trotskyists, since they see in “revolutionary islam” power, capable of destroying bourgeois-liberal capitalism[33], in order to free mankind of everything carried by the general crisis of capitalism: wars, biosphere-ecological problems and so on. In addition, those trotskyists (by virtue of their omnivorousness) infiltrate and influence all idealistically-political movements, supporting crowd-”elitism” publically, as well as by default[34]: including into bourgeois-liberalism (the US currently ruled by the followers of Trotsky[35]), into convergence movements, into catholicism, into islam, into orthodox christianity, etc.

Since CPS is spread in a crowd-”elitist” society, where there are many carriers of psyche-trotskyism (active, as well as waiting to be activated by circumstances), then psyche-trotskyism penetrates into adherents of CPS. However, manifestations of psyche-trotskyism among adherents of CPS, if the behavior of an individual is stably subordinate to it, as the practice shows, finish in biologically premature deaths: such is the matrix of self-defense of CPS from perversions.

●       Prospects of globalization in a multiplicity of its concepts will be characterized, above all else, by the struggle of conceptions for people - supporters of each of them. Since all without exception national and confessionally conditioned cultures are crowd-”elitist”, but CPS is distributed in the society continually reproducing crowd-”elitism”[36], then:

○       psyche-trotskyism has been and continues to be produced by all historically developed societies;

○       and due to aspiration for political leadership by psyche-trotskyists, before anyone else, under the banners of every one of the conceptions,

- psyche-trotskyism, as a social phenomenon in this struggle of globalization conceptions for people, in global, national, and confessional frontiers, will fight with itself until total self-eradication from cultures of the future mankind.

●       Psyche-trotskyism, understood as a social phenomenon, has internal conflicts in aspects of social behaviour algorithms, programmed by the whole array of its ideological covers, of people enslaved by said covers; as well as conflicts in aspects of leaders and their corporations[37], about the power over the society based on one or another ideology[38]. Since in the modern cultures psyche-trotskyism, as an individual’s feature and social phenomenon (inevitably reproduced by crowd-”elitism”) is realized only in CPS, then the carriers of psyche-trotskyism are unaware of it (as a psychological basis of an individual’s worldview culture, of intellectual activity and specific psyche-trotskyist ethics of permissiveness, typical for demons and biorobots, who are unable to escape from their program themselves). Because of that, the internal conflict of psyche-trotskyism, as a global social phenomenon, will be perceived, outside of CPS’s worldview, as it was common in the past until the end of 20th century - only as a conflict of ideologies and political leaders (and their corporations), personifying each of the ideologies - globalization projects.

In addition, another aspect of the psyche-trotskyist internal conflictedness is expressed in the fact that information in an ideology (in theory) by default, denies its announcements and has a higher priority in algorithms of ideology realization (sociological theory) in practical life. If in theory (of an ideology) defaults could be revealed according to the announcements, and the principle of “practice - criterion of truth” confirms viability of the system “announcements + defaults”, then psyche-trotskyism manifests itself by replacing dialectics by “devil’s logic”or by absence of any kind of logic at all, leads to announcements, initially inherent to the ideology (sociological theory) by default, which are practically inconsistent with its announcements, and then reveals defaults, brought in by it as invariably inevitable conclusions from announcements, initially present in the ideology (sociological theory) or in some other narration[39].

●       Globalization, in essence, if viewed as a “game”, has only one winner. Although, the winner could change a lot during the “game” - as a consequence of refusal from something initially characteristic to the winner, as well as because of acquisitions of characteristics atypical to him, including by integration of some qualities of defeated enemies -other globalization conceptions[40].

●       The key to victory is superiority in viability capacity of the conception-victor over the conception-opponents, i.e. informational-algorithmical superiority. It could be achieved only by elimination of inconsistencies of conceptions with the human’s development potential in the mainstream of God’s Providence (and this is the most important aspect of gaining the superiority) based on developing one’s own worldview by the way of its broadening, as well as by rejection of past mistakes, including adherence to downright deceptions. Both (the broadening of one’s own worldview and liberating it from inadequacies) are:

○       either impossible, if psyche-trotskyist insists on his supposed constant righteousness, resulting in a perception of other opinions (those which are outside the borders of his understanding of the world or denying his view) as inadequate, absurd;

○       or force them to recognize limitations of their own understanding and to identify shortcomings of his own psyche as an informational-algorithmical system.

Commitment to the former leads to situations, where the carriers of psyche-trotskyism suffer minor or major damages (up to death - single or mass, depending on circumstances) under influence of their own mistakes and superiority in viability of adherents of more conformable to Providence and, therefore, more workable conceptions.

Acceptance of the latter leads to liberation of the individual’s psyche of psyche-trotskyism and creates preconditions for attaining freedom, i.e. release from under psyche-trotskyist rule, as: 1) ideological encapsulations of psyche-trotskyism and 2) the ethics of permissiveness of demons and biorobots[41].

Conscious appeal to the the problems of the first priority of generalized means of control, mastering and development of the methodology of cognition and creativity and its realization in one’s own cognitive and creative skills, blocks out the manifestations of the former and stimulates the latter.

The latter, to the extent of personal development, on a certain stage, inevitably finds its expression in the acquisition of conceptual power in the mainstream of Providence. This could happen inside of any national or confessionally conditioned culture, leading each of them to liberation from their own mistakes, and from obviously deceitful misconceptions evoked from outside. And that, in its turn, provides preconditions and generates trends of convergence and fusion of historically different cultures and subcultures today in the aspects of morality, ethics, understanding of the world. The peculiarity regional cultures due to physical and geographical factors and historically developed features not against Providence, in this case will not only remain, but will develop.

●       However, the described is unacceptable for the bosses of the biblical project. Their morality and ethics allow such versions of solving these problems, as “rollback” of the global civilization in the matrix of its development into the historical past - into the Stone Age. The genre of "fantasy", which has supplanted science fiction oriented on the development of the civilization and programming its future, is directed on a “rollback” of the civilization into the past with an aim of implementation of a further attempt of complete crowd-”elitist” globalization in a different version, which will not allow mankind to become Humanity.

            This version could only be potentially implemented within Hierarchically Highest Control’s degree of allowance, with a condition of nonresistance of people. But it cannot not be implemented while the genetic core of at least one regional civilization is alive and working to complete the globalization in the mainstream of Providence, resulting in direct and indirect support for their activities by God.


Internal Predictor of USSR

15 of March - 01 of April 2013

[1]  This and other works of IP USSR, who represents Conception of Public Security (CPS), published in internet on the websites:,,,, and a number of other sites, as well distributed on CD-ROM in the information base of IP USSR and also published typographically.

[2] In the worldview of CPS, all processes may be interpreted as processes of control or self-control. God, the Creator and Pantocrator, is understood as the Hierarchically Highest All-enclosing Control (the Higher-Order Reality), within which the lies the Universe and all processes nested in it (for more information, see the work of IP USSR: "Sufficiently General Control Theory”).    

[3] See the work of IP USSR “Dead Water” (1991 and subsequent years of  publication)

[4] He, during the clash of opinions in the governance of Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP), has  “pushed” the signing of the Brest-Litovsk Treaty, which created the prerequisites for ending of First World War of 20th century and defused the revolutionary situation in Europe.

[5] He has started to implement into the real policy the conception of  formation of the real socialism and communism (a society free from exploitation of “human by human”) in one country to form around  it  a world socialist system based on the growing power and authority of the USSR the world over. In his latest work “Economical Problems of Socialism in the USSR” he had imposed a death sentence to Marxism, by pointing at the metrological inconsistency in its political economy (for more information, see the works of IP USSR: "Short course ...", "Ford and Stalin: how to live humanes”, “Judah’s sin of  XX Congress”).

[6] His policy of bringing the USA out of the “great depression” foiled the “Marxist” revolution in the USA, moreover Roosevelt's foreign policy together with Stalin’s buried the British colonial empire -  main tool of implementation of the biblical globalization project in his bourgeois liberal version  during the second half of the XVII - the end of XIX century.

[7] In order to block the implementation of this global political opportunity Franklin D. Roosevelt had to be eliminated (12 April 1945), Winston Churchill - had to say his "Fulton speech”,  (March 5, 1946), Stalin - was also killed  by the refusal of medical service (end of February - beginning of March 1953) - prophylactically, to avoid the transfer of the supreme power in the party and state to a successor-continuator.

[8] One of the public acknowledgments of this belongs to the former managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. April 5, 2011, while speaking to students of the George Washington University in New York, he said: "The crisis has devastated the intellectual foundations of the global economic order of the last quarter century. We need a new form of globalization, a fairer form of globalization, a globalization with a more human face.”. It is for this public statement he was punished.

[8]During his pontificate, Pope Benedict XVI has also repeatedly and systematically expressed rejection of historically existing Euro-American capitalism, its double standards and the financial system created by it, which has become a tool of the globalization and the economic enslavement of mankind. Herewith, the Pope  blamed  the capitalism,  sometimes cited Marx and Lenin, pointing to the need of humanization of global economic relations on the principles expressed by Christ. Many of his statements are such in nature, that did not fit into the biblical project of enslavement of mankind in on behalf of God through systematically organized usury, but instead denied it, although Benedict XVI did not offer an alternative project of globalization.

[9] The full control function (term of the Sufficiently General Control Theory, Russian acronym - DOTU) includes: 1) identification of problems, 2) setting aims with respect to problem resolution, 3) generation of a conception of achieving the set aims, 4) implementation of the conception into life, 5) ongoing control in coherence with the accepted conception and 6) improvement of the conception as required, 7) freeing up resources used for control process after the process is completed (i.e. the aims are achieved or the total control failure).

[10] Conceptual power controls the initial stages of the full control function.

[11] Terms of SGCT (Russian acronym - DOTU)

[12] Rationale of this view is managerially primitive: there are no global administrative structures and building them is impossible, since all separate states are against it: so how to control globalization? 

[13] In post-soviet Russia it has been called "Washington ReCom" (Regional Committee), in Iran - "USA - the great

[13]Satan", etc.

[14] In Russia, at least from the middle of the XIX century, this was characterized by an expression “Englishwoman takes a dump”; also the “London CeCom” (Central Committee) of bourgeois liberalism, which rules the "Washington ReComm."

[15] In Russia this version of the globalization is called "Jewish-Masonic conspiracy."

[16] This silence of the mass media could mean, from the point of view the vast majority of journalists-political analysts, that either these organizations have very little power, or that they have power over many things, which should be kept away from the commoners’ attention. 

[16]In our opinion, activities of these organizations are associated with long-term ("long-playing") processes of global-political character lasting several decades, which do not fall within the range of interests the vast majority of  journalists and ordinary people living by momentary sensations.

[17] Alternativity to the biblical project may be twofold: either in the terms of cultural singularity, implementing crowd-"elitism", or in the terms of denial of the crowd-"elitism".

[18] See SGCT (Russian acronym - DOTU): processes in supersystems, interactions of  mutually nested supersystems  with a virtual structure.

[19] In the article: “London Congress of the  RSDLP“ Stalin wrote:  “No less interesting is the national composition of the congress. The figures showed that the majority of the Menshevik group were Jews (not counting the Bundists, of course), then came Georgians and then Russians. On the other hand, the overwhelming majority of the Bolshevik group were Russians, then came Jews (not counting Poles and Letts, of course), then Georgians, etc. In this connection one of the Bolsheviks (I think it was Comrade Alexinsky 4 ) observed in jest that the Mensheviks constituted a Jewish group while the Bolsheviks constituted a true-Russian group and, therefore, it wouldn't be a bad idea for us Bolsheviks to organise a pogrom in the Party” (J. V. Stalin, Works, Vol. 2, 1907 - 1913). The last phrase should be understood as a statement of unacceptability of the biblical globalization project and an intention to  replace it from the practical policy with the Bolshevik project to build a society in which there is no room for  exploitation of “human by human”.

[20] See analytical note IP USSR “Japan and Russia: “copycats” or “predictor-corrector” in action?” of the series “Of the current moment” №6 (54), 2006

[21] “For China the only way to eliminate the “yellow threat” paradox is re-globalization. Current globalization is, in essence, spreading over the world of Western order, Western spirituality and the materialistic culture. But we need globalization of a different order, globalization of values, which would respect and express all existing cultures in the world, as well as approaches and models of development; fully reflect the diversity and richness of the civilizations.

[21]Historically, Western civilization's dream was triumph of the human values ​​in their Western understanding, the chinese civilization - the “great unity” Datong. Nowadays, the world requires these chinese values, because only in them universal values were expressed to full extent.

[21]  In modern times, pro-Western “universal values” chained the world in shackles, and Western civilization began whittle down the cultural diversity of the Earth. However, european intellectuals has realized, that Western culture can not cope with the perpetual changes of the world, or even to offer an effective way out of the debt crisis. They are eager to place their hopes on the Chinese civilization, hoping that it will be able to pave a new, different from Western way into the future. In other words, the world needs the Chinese dream. And for us, it is an inexhaustible source of strength and confidence that the theory and order chosen by us are correct, and that we are on the right path" ( - translation of the “People’s Daily” newspaper “‘Chinese Model’ breaking hegemony of Western universal values” 14.01.2013).

[22] “In the past, the banner of internationalism was lifted high in the foreign policy of New China. However, during the thirty years, since the beginning of the policy of reforms and openness, the ideological component of foreign policy had gone to the sidelines, the direct public interests had been put at the forefront, and banner of internationalism had slumped. But now it's time to take the reins in the pursuit of profit and strike a balance between the material and spiritual needs. Announcement of the course to the "new internationalism" in foreign policy clearly indicates that there the blossoming of Chinese values​​ is coming.

[22]  Course to the "new internationalism" meets the needs of China's diplomacy in maturing. By its real power, China has risen to second place in the world, but China's international prestige does not comply with this provision, so we absolutely need to increase our moral involvement in the affairs of the world. The new internationalism will allow us to fully realize the positive energy of China (...)

[22]  In the early stages of the New China, we firmly believed in the superiority of the socialist system and fearlessly engaged in peaceful competition with capitalist countries. But there was a time when the path of socialist development of our quest almost stalled, the economy was on the brink of disaster, and we did not have the strength to really influence the world. But then the global financial crisis erupted, which once again clearly showed all the flaws of capitalism and again many questions have arisen to the Western political system. Comprehensively >>> analyzing the difference between the different political systems and models, people again turned to the ideals of Marxism. In thirty years we have ensured that our rapidly growing economy has become a real economic miracle, gradually the advantages of the socialist system have began to come to light again. Our confidence that our system, the theory behind it, and the chosen way - is right, got stronger. Thirdly, we have already gained a strong base, since the ideas of internationalism cut across the history of China's foreign policy. Fourthly, it is promoted by our traditions and culture. Peacefulness, the desire for greater mutual trust and good-neighborly co-existence and harmony in relations with all countries - all this is reflected in the traditional culture of China, and all of this here, and there is something in common with the ideas of internationalism, calling for greater unity, mutual assistance and cooperation. Remember the "Conversations and judgments" by Confucius: "the philanthropic person - the one who, seeking to strengthen himself [on the right path] helps in this the others, trying to get the best of all cases, and in this helps others." "Do not do to others what you do not wish for yourself". In all these statements, which are an integral part of traditional Chinese culture, the spirit of internationalism could be felt" ( - “Huanqiu” newspaper, article “China takes course to the new internatiolism” 14.01.2013

[22] - russian translation of the same article).

[23] In the mainstream of this version  the CPRF (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) is drifting, politically unwilling, without making any effort to change the world.

[25] “Spiritual community of many jointly living people.” The term was coined in the 19th century by A. Khomyakov and does not have an english analogue.

[26] For more information about psyche types - see the works of IP USSR: “The basics of Sociology”, “From corporatism under cover of ideas to the Sobornost in Kingdom of God on Earth” (this book is only available in russian, for example at Once again the term “Sobornost” is a “spiritual community of many jointly living people”.

[27] They themselves are convinced in their  peacefulness, but beyond the borders of China they are feared because of more than 1.5 billion population, as well as because of the growing military and economical power with undeclared purpose. One of the first reactions in the mainstream of defense again the chinese globalization, “yellow threat”, is the statement of India’s desire to join the Customs Union formed by Russia (note, that the past counts numerous conflicts between PRC and India because of the demarcation of their territories).

[28] Example of such idle waffling of the young russian psyche-trotskyite you could see by following this link: [29] Constructive discussion is such that the participants come to identification of mistakes and fallacies of each of them and adopt a common view on the situation, free from the initial errors and fallacies evoked from outside.

[30] One of these discussions at the global level is the discussion with the US on the problems of missile defense deployment in Europe, which had been going on for decades.

[30]  Another example - perestroika and the following it market-economy reforms. In order to drag the society into the discussion, under cover of which the USSR was being purposely destroyed, the “glasnost” of the perestroika times > was necessary. It had nothing in common with freedom of speech and opinions, since denouncing the psyche-trotskyist policies of perestroika opinions were not allowed in the mass media.

[30]  Nowadays, in best traditions of psyche-trotskyism, S.E. Kurginyan is attempting to impose upon the society another discussion about the “Russian destiny”. The basis for identifying him as a psyche-trotskyist is the fact, that in two decades of his public political activity, he still has not desired to reveal the content of that “Red project”, for the revival of which he supposedly stands: there is no "sociology of Kurginyan" in the conceptually certain statement. There are numerous dissatisfactions with the past, the present and the future prospects, many emotions, fantasies, that substitute reliable factology in the absence of access to it (so-called "analytics"), many criticism of political rivals, sometimes substantively correct, but no exposition of the content of the project, which he serves. For example, see [rus] or recordings of television programs of the series "The essence of time” (2011). All that, similar to Trotsky, is aimed at manipulation of crowds, which believe without the realization of the essence of what they believe.

[31] See works of IP USSR “Muslim face of trotskyism?” (1996), «Sad heritage of Atlantis. (Trotskyism is “yesterday”, but in no way - “tomorrow)”» (1999), “The work of Trotsky under Stalin’s banner - the new product of “political chemistry” (2003).

[32] One of the brightest faces of psyche-trotskyism has revealed B.N. Yeltsin: see his talk with A.A. Zinoviev on a french TV channel “Antenna 2” in the programme “Apostrophes” №709, 9th of March 1990. ( [fr]; [rus]) and compare his declaration with his following actions as the head of state in the 90s.

[32]  In particular, from the statements of B.N. Yeltsin in that interview (statement about unwillingness to replace M.S. Gorbachev as a president of USSR, with explanation - “the future is with Russia”)it could be understood, that then he already consciously worked to destroy the USSR. However, neither in the USSR, nor in post-soviet Russian Federation this interview was ever shown on TV.

[32]  Mass media state that after this “duel” with A.A. Zinoviev, B.N. Yeltsin has finally withdrawn from public debates. But A.A. Zinoviev also did not perform so well, did not "see through" the vile nature of Boris Yeltsin and drew political prospects of "perestroika" and the Soviet Union, rather different from those that have been implemented by Boris Yeltsin and his team of puppeteers. Why this discussion has been named a “duel” is unknown, since every participant talked about his own thoughts, not delved into the views of the opponent and did not try to either develop nor deny them, nor to show their inconsistency.

[33] On the other hand, Trotsky’s approval is one of the constant topics of speeches of Geidar Jemal, the chairman of Russian Islam committee of Russia.

[34] A default, in a general sense, is understood as information that is not declared, but is assumed without declaration and adds to the information declared. The information by default may contradict information declared. 

[35] Many representatives of the political establishment of the US have trotskyist past (for example, see [rus]; [rus] and others)

[36] See work of IP USSR “Basics of Sociology” (Part 3).

[37] The team and corporate crowd manipulation is characteristic to liberalism, in contrast to individual-leader manipulator, which historically often conceals a background team that manipulates the “leader”.

[38] See work of IP USSR “From corporatism under cover of ideas to the Sobornost in Kingdom of God on Earth” (2003).

[39] Marxism in this sense - is originally a psyche-trotskyist teaching. Claims of true marxists-trotskyists to Stalin are that he has build a policy, suppressing defaults of marxism and supplementing its declarations by his own, which reveal the defaults of Bolshevism.

[40] TV series “Highlander” about MacLeod is about that metaphorically, although wrong in many places, due to authors’ preconception in unalternativity of crowd-”elitism” in universal scale (ie even beyond Earth).

[41] If judged by his memories, then Anatoly A. Vasserman (popular journalist and political analyst and commentator) is following this path. Although, he has not walked the entire way of liberation from psyche-trotskyism (in particular, he considers himself a marxist; and marxism is originally an expression of psyche-trotskyism, due to the denial and suppression of good declaration by existing defaults), since he has not yet developed a clear understanding of psyche-trotskyism as a personal-mental as well as social phenomenon: (article “All and now. Trotskyists change colour but still stay the same”).

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